NPFC provides Products and Services through it’s Subsidiary and Associate Businesses. The Products & Services currently available are as per listed below; –

Indemnity & Guarantee

NPFC can provide Indemnity & Guarantees. This is delivered through NPFC’s acquisition of NPC will create NPFC’s first wholly owned subsidiary and operating division generating revenue supported by NPFC’s investment that will enhance NPC’s development and expansion.

The business was formed to focus as an enabler of commercial transactions through the provision of indemnity and guarantees between counter parties, and in support of alternative risk transfer solutions (see further summary of our “Core Product Sets”). As part of the provision of an Indemnity & Guarantee, a fee is paid for the risk taken, in addition collateral is provided by the party being guaranteed in the unlikely event of a call on the obligation provided. The collateral provided to NPC, is for an amount of at least the same value of the sum guaranteed. The solutions incorporating an Alternate Risk Transfer (ART) component, as part of the Indemnity & Guarantee, generate a large one-off financial receipt in exchange for providing a financial obligation. In this respect the obligation may have a maturity over multiple years before it has expired, generating a cash surplus to NPFC. Thus, receipts in turn are invested as part of NPFC’s & NPC’s Financial & Treasury Strategy.

NPC’s Core Product Sets:

  • Our Five Core Proprietary Products, are namely;
  • Short Fall Indemnity & Guarantee
  • Performance Indemnity & Guarantee
  • Supplier Default Indemnity & Guarantee
  • Trade Indemnity & Guarantee
  • Alternative Financial Risk Transfer (ART)

All of these Product sets can be provided on pure a commercial basis or support a regulated or Basel III Structure, (although all regulatory products are provided through regulated partners of NPC).

NPC’s Products are deployed at its’ discretion for opportunities it determines meet;

  • its credit risk performance criteria and,
  • does not breach the risk appetite of NPC under the “worst case indemnity risk scenario downside analysis” and,
  • upon a call being made against an obligation provided under its’ Products; NPC can positively trade out the position taken over upon a claim being made against the commercial obligation NPC has accepted.