Newpoint Capital Ltd was acquired by Newpoint Financial Corp on the 30th December 2019. The business is a provider of commercial indemnity & guarantees which has been trading for several years.

Newpoint Financial Corp has acquired Newpoint Capital Ltd purely as an investment leaving the business to continue to operate and grow under it’s own control.

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Newpoint Reinsurance Company Limited, (NPRE) is a licensed Reinsurance Company on the Island of Nevis (Isles of St Kitts & Nevis). It is regulated and approved by the Nevis Financial Services Regulation & Supervision Department, Office of the Registrar of International of Insurance, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis (NPRE’s Nevis Regulatory Registration Licence Number is No 46027). As of 30thNovember 2020, Newpoint Financial Corporation successfully purchased NPRE widening their portfolio of acquisitions.

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